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Top 5 Renovation Trends in 2021

Renovation trends are always changing throughout the years. Here are our top 5 trends for 2021 you might like.

1. A Statement Piece

A statement piece is one of the most essential parts of any modern interior design. This statement piece, whether it’s vintage or contemporary, can function as an effective focal point in any room of your house. Using a statement piece will surely bring more life and color to any space in your home!

2. Eco-Friendly Living

Another renovation trend in 2021 is ‘green’ and environment-friendly living. Apart from incorporating more potted plants in the home, many suppliers offer energy-efficient windows, roofs, and appliances that can cut energy costs by 50% or more.

3. Minimalistic Design

Minimalism is a common renovation trend usually associated with simplicity and cleanliness and it's been used by homeowners for years because of its ability to transform any space, so this trend isn’t going away. In fact, it’s expected that more homeowners will embrace minimalism in their homes in the coming years.

To achieve a minimalist style, you can start by omitting items that are unnecessary in your home. This can include donating, selling or properly disposing of extra pieces of furniture or appliances. A minimalist style will also require you to embrace white space, store valuables out of sight, and declutter as often as possible.

4. Large Windows

One of the modern renovation trends is the addition of large windows in different areas of the house. Large windows will allow natural light to enter the house and make the space look bigger. They are available in different materials and types, so make sure to pick ones that suit the theme of your home.

5. Two-Toned Cabinets

Two-toned cabinets are another type of renovation trend that will surely make waves in 2021. You can follow this trend by having upper cabinets a different color than your lower cabinets. Having your cabinets in two different colors will surely break the monotony of the space, allowing you to create a very aesthetic home.

Look At The Bigger Picture

You’ll never run out of renovation projects to try out. Regardless of the size of your property and the theme you want to achieve, you can prepare for the project by coming up with a realistic budget and hiring the best contractor for the job!


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