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Step on fresh floors

Choosing the best types of flooring for your home partly requires assessing the needs of your home, as certain types of flooring materials are unsuitable for certain parts of a house. 

We can install all types of flooring across the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities. 

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Which flooring type is right for you?

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'Wood' Flooring

  • Hardwood

  • Laminate

  • Vinyl

Tile Flooring

  • Ceramic

  • Porcelain 

  • Natural stone 

We'll install the flooring you like

and can help select the perfect floor for your home and your family.

Wooden Floor
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Hardwood Flooring

High return on investment

  • Types: Solid hardwood*, engineered hardwood**, red oak, white oak, cherry, walnut, hickory and maple. 

  • Cost: $$$

  • Durability: Certain types can be refinished up to 5 times(!), and you can change the sheen.

  • Maintenance: Waterproof, scratch and dent-resistant.***

  • Pet-Friendly: No.

  • Best Rooms: Ideal for busy areas like hallways and playrooms. 

*Solid hardwood flooring consists of boards milled from a single piece of wood. 

**Engineered hardwood flooring consists of a multi-layer base (compressed wood, resin and polymers) with real hardwood on the surface and can be significantly less expensive than solid hardwood. 

***While older hardwood options required more maintenance, new hardwood floors that are waterproof, scratch and dent-resistant are available.​

Laminate Flooring

Delivers the look of real wood, tile or stone flooring.

  • Styles: Emulate the look of pine, maple, cherry, oak, stone, marble, limestone, slate and travertine. 

  • Cost: $$

  • Durability: Can withstand wear and tear from pets.

  • Maintenance: Low maintenance, scratch-resistant, noise-resistant and heated options.

  • Pet-Friendly: Yes

  • Best Rooms: Ideal for busy areas like hallways and playrooms.

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Mahogany Kitchen

Vinyl Flooring

Both functional and stylish.  

  • Styles: Luxury vinyl planks (made to look like hardwood) and vinyl tile (made to look like high-end stones).

  • Cost: $

  • Durability: No-wax, urethane or enhanced urethane finishes are stain-resistant and do not require polishing.

  • Maintenance: Water-resistant, stain-resistant, scratchproof.

  • Pet-Friendly: Yes

  • Best Rooms: Ideal for heavy traffic areas like hallways.

Tile Flooring

Outstanding Quality

Tile flooring is perfect for rooms that frequently contain moisture or have the potential to get wet (bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and basements). 

Ceramic tile: Made from clay and is durable enough for most rooms while having a softer, more comfortable walking surface compared to other tiles. 

Porcelain tile: Fired at a higher temperature than ceramic tile, making it more durable, less porous and more water-resistant than ceramic, but also more expensive. 

Natural stone tile: Granite, marble, slate and other surfaces have an elegant appearance and can be expensive.

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Our Flooring Installation Promise

With a detailed contract and a one-year workmanship warranty, you’ll have peace of mind from the very start.

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure the final result is one that meets your needs and complements your personal style.

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Renovation Plan

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  1. In-Home Consultation: We'll take this time to accurately measure the renovation space and ask important questions in order to put the estimate together.

  2. Documentation: We'll provide you with an estimate, contract & invoice that meet all legal requirements.

  3. Flooring Selection: We can recommend the flooring best suited for the space considering quality, durability, cost and environmental concerns.

  4. Set Checkpoints: We'll give you a renovation timeline so that you're always in the loop.

  5. Start the Renovation: We'll begin the renovation promptly & efficiently, working towards the approved deadline.

  6. Complete the Renovation: We'll do a thorough walk-through with you so that there are no unexpected surprises.

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Book a Free In-Home Consultation

If you've decided it's time to install new flooring, contact us today!

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